Milton’s Consolidated Elementary ranks best in state

School received highest score on report card
Milton’s Consolidated Elementary ranks best in state

Students and staff at Consolidated Elementary School in Milton had a lot to celebrate Tuesday after ranking as the top elementary school in the state.

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction released its report card for school districts and individual schools on Tuesday. Consolidated Elementary received an overall score of 98.7 , which falls into the ‘Significantly Exceeds Expectations’ category and puts it no. 1 in the state for elementary schools.

“We are thrilled, obviously, very proud of the staff there,” Principal Sarah Stuckey said. “We’re very blessed to have such dedicated staff.”

Stuckey said the school has ranked in the state’s highest category before but never this high. She credits the dedicated staff and the close-knit community atmosphere of the school.

“At Consolidated, because it’s just such a small rural school, really it’s all hands on deck, and our staff here just does so much to support the students,” Stuckey said. “They know every single student, and they are connected, and it really pays off.”

Consolidated Elementary has 85 students this year, Stuckey said. Last year, there were 81 students. The small numbers of students has a lot to do with the state’s report card ranking.

“The students feel safe to take risks as they are learning, and they’ve learned it’s OK to make mistakes. That’s how we grow,” Stuckey said. “They’re just in a really good environment where they can feel success in the school.”

According to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the accountability report cards measure student achievement and growth, attendance and a school’s ability to close gaps between low-performing student groups.

The state ranks schools and districts in five categories: significantly exceeds expectations, exceeds expectations, meets expectations, meets few expectations and fails to meet expectations.

The three other elementary schools in the Milton School District also received the state’s highest ranking. Harmony Elementary scored 87.3, East Elementary scored 85.5 and West Elementary scored 84.1.

“Every school has a different makeup of students and staff, but the consistent piece is we’re working together,” Stuckey said. “The principals work together, the teachers work together, and I think that’s really what’s been paying off is to get everybody on the same page.”

Stuckey said the district has a universal curriculum for reading, writing and math. She said teachers are still free to make their teaching their own, but the universal curriculum gives gives them support through other teachers and opportunities to learn from each other.

Overall, the Milton School District scored 75.6, which falls into the “exceeds expectations” category. Northside Intermediate School scored 79.3, which exceeds expectations. The high school scored 71.3, and the middle school scored 65.9, which both meet expectations.

In Rock County, the Evansville Community School District ranked 76.2, which exceeds expectations. Edgerton scored 72.7, Beloit Turner scored 72.6 and Janesville scored 70.8, which all meet expectations. The School District of Beloit scored 61.9, which meets few expectations.