Milton teachers concerned about growing class sizes

Teachers want district to hire an additional teacher
Milton teachers concerned about growing class sizes

Teachers in the Milton School District are asking the district for help in dealing with growing class sizes.

“Our biggest concern right now is the class sizes at the fourth and fifth grade level,” said Michael Dorn, president of the Milton Education Association.

Milton’s teachers are asking the school district for help in hiring an additional teacher.

Dorn said class sizes have been increasing over the past two years

District Superintendent Michael Garrow said district leaders share the teachers’ concerns.

“We brought over four instructional aides from our K-3 building to the fourth grade to provide some support in that way,” Garrow said. “We’ve also hired on math coaches and reading coaches or literacy coaches to help support in those core areas.”

Dorn said teachers have been working with the district to ensure students get the individual attention they need.

“Aides are wonderful. They do a great job, but they still aren’t the teachers in the classroom, and having a smaller, more compact classroom is advantageous for the students,” Dorn said.

The superintendent said the district is open to adding additional staff.


“We have to constantly fight or battle to create that balance and do what’s effective for kids and still fit with whatever our budget constraints may be,” Garrow said.

He said the district may also reevaluate its policy about the number of students in each classroom. Currently, there’s no limit on the number of students in Milton classrooms.

“We want to make sure that kids get the best possible education, and we know that at that K-6 level, smaller classrooms lead to better results for students,” Dorn said.

The superintendent said district leaders are planning to have an open board meeting sometime within the next month to strategize how to address the issue.