Milton superintendent resigns over Facebook photo

Garrow to receive $35,000 severance
Milton superintendent resigns over Facebook photo
Mike Garrow

Milton superintendent Mike Garrow has resigned after an investigation into a Facebook photo he showed to two district staff members and allegations of inappropriate fraternization with staff members, according to documents released by the school district Friday.

The documents include an investigative report and Garrow’s response to the investigation.

According to the investigator, Garrow was talking with two staff members in a school office in June and, during the conversation, brought up a photo on Facebook of a woman that staff members said made them uncomfortable.

The staff members said they didn’t believe the woman was wearing any clothes but both said the image was blurred. Garrow told the investigator he didn’t recall the specific photograph but said the woman might have been wearing a bikini.

The investigator concluded the photo was possibly inappropriate and it caused discomfort for the staff members.

In a written response, Garrow said the investigator never asked him to show the photo or asked if it was still available. He admitted the decision to show the photo was “not a great choice” but said he didn’t believe his conduct merited a full investigation.

“I felt as though I would not be given a fair chance to continue in my position as district administrator,” he wrote. “I did not believe it possible to return and be effective in such an environment.”

Garrow has been on paid leave since October when the school board informed him of the complaint. He’s on leave with full pay and benefits through the rest of this school year and his resignation is effective June 30.

The documents also state Garrow will receive a $35,000 severance payment by Jan .1.

According to the documents, the district is not to advertise for his replacement before February and the district supplied him with a positive letter of recommendation.

An interim superintendent was named in November.

The investigator also looked into allegations Garrow inappropriately fraternized with staff members during social events but determined there was no substantiated evidence of misconduct.