Milton neighborhood fighting the quarantine blues

MILTON, Wis. — A radio DJ in Milton hosted a socially distant dance party for her neighborhood on Sunday to help them fight the quarantine blues.

Julie Marquardt said she knew people were in need of human connection, so she reached out to her neighbors with the idea to roll a speaker through the neighbor and allow people to enjoy the music from their front yards.

“We don’t know everybody in this neighborhood but we knew a few and they knew a few and before you knew it we had a lot of people,” Marquardt said.

Neighbors sent in their song requests via the newly established neighborhood Facebook group then waited for Marquardt–with her speaker on wheels–to make her way down their street.

One of those neighbors, Milton East Elementary School Principal Jennifer Cramer, said she joined the party because she wanted to show her support for the community.

“What’s different about today is that everyone’s coming out at the same time” Cramer said. “So when you look down the street both to the left and to the right–it’s nice to see that everybody’s out participating.”

Julia’s son and helper for the day Kieran said he’s proud of his mom. 

“It’s nice to see someone you’re related to doing something so nice for the community,” he added.

The family also said they were careful to make sure people understood social distancing standards still applied.

They hope the day’s festivities help people understand that being in quarantine doesn’t have to be boring.

“It shows the spirit is still there,” Marquardt said. “We can still say hi and smile and dance and have a good time.”