Milton boy’s golf team advances to State Tournament after playoff following computer glitch

1 Milton Golf 9 Frame 33

JANESVILLE, Wis. — The Milton High School Boy’s Golf team is making the most of its second chance, defeating Mukwonago in a one-hole playoff Thursday morning to advance to the WIAA State Tournament.

Milton got the opportunity after it was revealed a computer glitch led to a miscalculated score earlier this week, giving Mukwonago a win by four strokes.

But a player and assistant coach for Mukwonago noticed the score was posted incorrectly on the WIAA’s website, coming forward to note the team actually shot 324 on Tuesday, and not 320 as was recorded.

The WIAA originally said the scores would not be changed, but both coaches’ wishes for a playoff to decide the true winner were eventually granted.

By winning Thursday’s one-hole playoff, Milton is advancing to their first appearance in the State Tournament since 1987.