Milton bar owner says shooting investigation doesn’t add up

Owner: No link to business, shooting is hurting reputation
Milton bar owner says shooting investigation doesn’t add up


After a shooting at his bar in June of last year, the Countryside Inn, in Milton, Richard Erdman said he stepped up security. But after a shooting that allegedly took place after a hip-hop party he hosted, Erdman said clues aren’t making sense.

“I had a police officer I hired, armed guards I hired; we had people at that door the whole time. None of them heard or saw anything,” he said.

According to a release from the Rock County Sheriff’s Department a 28-year-old Madison man was dropped off at the hospital with a gun shot wound to his lower leg.

According to the release the victim told Madison officers he was at the Countryside Inn when he was shot. Erdman said he had no idea of any incident and was surprised to receive a call from a Rock County sheriff’s deputy the next morning.

“I believed it happened,” Erdman said. He let deputies search his building for clues, hoping to find some answers. But when authorities came up empty handed, Erdman began asking questions.

“If this individual was shot and some strangers, he claims took him to Madison, why didn’t they go down the road? There’s a hospital minutes away from me,” Erdman said.”If this individual was shot, where was the blood? Where were the bullets?” 

Erdman added officials told him the victim and some of his associates had begun to change their stories and then stopped cooperating with police all together.

“I started thinking, now this is getting strange. They’re not cooperating, their stories are changing, it’s just not right,” Erdman said.

Rock County officials said the investigation is ongoing, but the investigation is “fluid at this point.”

Erdman said he’s been threatened with losing his liquor license if he hosts another hip-hop night, like the one he was planning to have for Valentine’s Day. 

“The truth is, he didn’t get shot here at 2:10 in the morning at my front door at Countryside Inn on Saturday morning. So they need to find the truth,” he said.