Mike Leckrone entertains, raises money at jazz show

MADISON, Wis. — Legendary University of Wisconsin band director Mike Leckrone helped entertain the Madison community this afternoon in an effort to raise money for the local arts.

Leckrone was the face of the badger marching band from 1969, until his retirement in 2019.

Hundreds came out to see Leckrone lead the COPA All-Star Jazz Ensemble, a group of talented musicians from Dane county, in a fundraising concert.

“For me, to see these people and to see this community awareness I think is terrific,” Leckrone said. “One of the reason’s this got started and I got involved with it is because I saw this need in the community, in the area to have a chance to perform and rehearse.”

All of the money raised today will help fund a potential arts facility in Fitchburg.

The building would be built specifically for Madison area artist’s to come and practice their craft.

It’s been two years since Mike Leckrone called it a career but it is clear—his passion and influence for growing Madison’s art community is as strong as ever.

“I’ve long since retired and my time has gone but to be able to make some contributions is very important to me,” Leckrone said.