Midwest Log Rolling Championship comes to Madison

Midwest Log Rolling Championship comes to Madison

Summer days in Madison are filled with fun things to do on the water, but you don’t always expect to see someone doing their best to stay on a rolling log.

Seventy-five athletes competed in the Midwest Log Rolling Championships and according to competitors, there’s a lot more to it than moving your feet.

“It’s definitely a lot of endurance and strength that goes into it,” said log roller Livi Pappadopoulos, “and we have to do a lot of other training things other than just rolling.”

Pappadopoulous says all log rollers compete differently. Some try to stay on the log for as long as possible, while others try to use their strength to knock people off. Log rollers win if they defeat their opponent three out of the best five matchups.

The competition also raised money for Huntington’s disease. All proceeds from the tournament entries go toward research for the illness.