Middleton’s Bloom Bake Shop temporarily closes

Owner plans to reopen in spring
Middleton’s Bloom Bake Shop temporarily closes
Photo by Andrea Behling
Bloom's cherry almond scone and a foamy latte.

The owner of Bloom Bake Shop announced Thursday she will temporarily close the Middleton location, ultimately reopening in the spring.

Annemarie Maitri said in a Facebook post that during the time the bakery will be closed, it will undergo renovations and re-concepting. She said Bloom will remain the same as before, but with a little more “sparkle, energy and love”.

Bloom Bake Shop opened in Middleton eight years ago, with its second location on Monroe Street opening earlier this year.

Maitri said that it’s time for her to slow down in order “to restore balance, and ultimately the success of Bloom.”

With two locations, the one in Middleton and one on Monroe Street, Maitri said she’s spent the last year focused on Bloom and needs to focus on her health, happiness and family.

“My family has been amazing, supportive and way beyond incredible, but they’ve felt the effects of everything,” Maitri said. “This was a very hard decision for me to make, one that I agonized over for quite sometime.”

Over the past year, Maitri said both locations have been thriving because of the support from the community and her staff. She said they’ve been able to expand and support more local farmers and purveyors than ever before.

“Perhaps we can think of it as a little hibernation for Middleton, a bulb resting through the winter. Only to unfurl its sweet beauty in the spring,” Maitri said.

The Monroe Street location will remain open.

“Every gardner knows under the cloak of winter lies a miracle…a seed waiting to sprout, a bulb opening to light, a bud…

Posted by Bloom Bake Shop on Thursday, November 30, 2017