Middleton students performing in London New Year’s Day Parade

Middleton students performing in London New Year’s Day Parade

For the second time in five years, Middleton high school students will be spending their New Year’s performing somewhere they never imagined to be traveling to.

Excitement was radiating off students from the choir, orchestra, band and drama departments Saturday morning, as they headed to England to perform in New Year’s celebrations.

Last spring, the Middleton band was asked to repeat history and march in the London New Year’s Day parade, which is one of the largest parades in the world.

This time around, new developments in the parade planning have made it possible for the entire Middleton Performing Arts Departments to go.

Middleton Choir Director Thomas Mielke will be accompanying the students, along with 38 other chaperones.

 “It started with the New Year’s Day parade, blossomed into this huge music festival throughout all venues throughout London,” said Mielke.

There are 205 students traveling in total, each excited to see the historic venues with friends who share the same passion for music.

“I’m really excited traveling with all my friends because it makes it a little more personal if you will. I have a more comfortable type feeling being with all my friends,” said Dan Cook, a band and drama student.

Hopefully being surrounded by familiar faces will help them strut their stuff in confidence, marching in the big parade.

On the last day of the trip, the choir, orchestra and band will be performing together at the West Minstrel Central Hall; a grande finale to a once in a lifetime experience.

“Being a part of that historical tradition and saying we were there, we shared our music from Middleton, Wisconsin, on one of the most prominent stages in all of London; that’ll be unforgettable,” said Mielke.