Middleton schools open negotiations with teachers union

BOE, MEA negotiate teachers' 2013-2014 contract
Middleton schools open negotiations with teachers union

The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District Board of Education came together with leaders from the Middleton Education Association Wednesday to negotiate next year’s school contract.

The meeting came after Dane County Judge Juan Colas declared parts of Act 10 to be unconstitutional.  Since the Sept. 14 ruling, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen has asked for a stay of the decision.  Until that time, unions can come to the bargaining table with new contracts.

The BOE released a statement after Wednesday’s meeting saying they value teaching professionals and respect the decision to extend teachers’ contracts into the 2013-2014 school year.

“In response to the request of the MEA leadership to reach an agreement immediately, the Board is willing to establish financial guarantees designed to retain and attract quality educators. This offer allows us to maintain the excellence and financial accountability our community expects,” said the BOE.

However, the BOE said that time would be needed to develop the contract’s policies and procedures and to take a look at budgetary “uncertainties.”