Middleton preps for flooding

Lake 1.3 feet from 100-year record flood height

The city of Middleton is getting ready for more potential flooding as water levels continue to rise. 

Lake Mendota is coming close to the record-setting 100-year flood height. The 100-year flood elevation was 852.8 ft. Lake Mendota is now at an elevation of 851.5 ft with more heavy rains in the forecast.

Middleton has issued a declaration of disaster, enabling the city to deliver sand to residents who need it. 

There was a pile at Dewey Court and a new 10-ton pile at the north end of Middleton Beach Road.

As the storm clouds roll in, resident Tom Pellino began taking down his pier sections on Lake Mendota. He said he and his neighbors will start bagging their shoreline to combat the rising water.

However, experience has shown that sometimes preparations just aren’t enough.

“It may still crest over,” said Pellino. “It may not even hold it, couple years it’s worked pretty well, but if it gets real high it’ll come around anyway and then you just have to try and protect your home.”

Middleton’s city administrator said officials will continue to monitor water levels and update the city website and police site as needed.

Residents who are experiencing flooding are asked to report it by calling 608-821-8370.

VIDEO: Middleton preps for flooding