Middleton grads get diploma with wrong school sketched inside

Hundreds of graduates in Middleton received a diploma with a little mystery inside Sunday, a school official said Tuesday.

Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District spokesman Perry Hibner said about 400 of the 500 area graduates received diplomas that had a drawing of a school, but it was not one in the district.

In an image of a diploma obtained by News 3, the drawing includes a mountainous landscape and a long facade including a middle section topped with what appear to be skylights, none of which describes the Middleton High School building on Bristol Street.

Hibner said the diploma cover correctly says, “Middleton High School Middleton, Wisconsin.”

Hibner, who is also a father of a 2018 graduate who received a diploma with the wrong sketch, says the school is aware of the mystery drawing and it’s not clear what school is represented in the mountain-range image.

“I think a lot of our students and parents laughed and wondered what the heck happened,” Hibner said. “I bet they become collector’s items down the road. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few sold on the web.”

Middleton grads get diploma with wrong school sketched inside