Middleton-Cross Plains to move forward with $8-12M stadium plans

MIDDLETON, Wis. — The Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District is moving forward with plans to build a multi-million dollar stadium complex, the district said Tuesday.

The MCPASD Board of Education approved the move during a meeting on February 14. The complex is estimated to cost between $8-12 million.

“Our stadium complex facilities are inadequate,” district spokesperson Shannon Valladolid said in a news release. “Our students and community deserve up-to-date facilities within which they can compete and perform in a wide variety of pursuits.”

Officials said a Middleton High School alumnus donated $5 million toward the project, and the district will put forth $2 million, which it said will come from money it raised by selling lots near Pope Farm Elementary School. The Middleton-Cross Plains Education Foundation is serving as the fundraising partner for the project and will help raise the additional money needed.

Discussions began at the end of the fall sports season about what to do to upgrade the facility, said Tim Cleary, the executive vice president of Ideal Builders and a Middleton parent.

Since then, the response from alumni and businesses in the area has been “overwhelming,” he said.

“It’d really be a pillar of the community and a place for the community to come together and to gather for various events and various things that will occur there,” Cleary said.

The facility will not only give student-athletes and spectators alike upgraded facilities ranging from locker rooms to bathrooms and concession stands, he said, but will also be a way to honor past generations of athletes and community members whose contributions will help make it a reality.

If enough money is raised, the project could expand to include a second-floor multi-use community space as well.

The district said regardless of the upgrades, it was facing a $1.5 million price tag to make existing restrooms compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Without the $5 million pledge, the district said it “would not be able to build a new stadium to this capacity without a referendum.”

Members of Middleton’s plan commission praised conceptual plans for the project at their Tuesday night meeting.