Middleton Boys Volleyball Coach beats cancer, running 13 miles to give back to Gilda’s Club

MIDDLETON, Wis. — When Middleton Boys Volleyball Coach Ben White heard the word “cancer,” he naturally did what he knows best.

“I like to game plan,” he explained.

But what he didn’t know until January, is how his 14-year old son Parker felt. That is, until one day, he told his dad —

“I’d like to go to Gilda’s and talk to other kids who are dealing with parents who have cancer,” he said.

So the family did just that – taking Coach White out of “coach mode.”

“A lot of people are feeling the same thing and all the questions that I had that doctors would give you medical answers,” he explained, “but for other patients would give you how they were feeling and their side effects.”

Almost one year later, Ben is in remission and feeling grateful for the outpouring of support from the Cardinal Volleyball community.

“You don’t really see how big of an impact you make until something like this happens,” he said.

So to give back to Gilda’s Club, he and his partner Kathleen are marking the occasion by running 13 miles on September 13th – the one year anniversary of Ben’s diagnosis.

Ben reflects on the past year —

“This brought us together even closer,” he said.

And maybe just a little big stronger.

“There’s not as much as weight as there once was, and I’m fortunate to say that,” explained Kathleen, “I might not feel like that at mile 12 on Sunday, but for right now i feel like we can do this.”

To help Ben and his family give back to Gilda’s Club, you can donate here.