Microchip helps dog reunite with Fitchburg owner 8 months later

Microchip helps dog reunite with Fitchburg owner 8 months later

A microchip helped an area dog reunite with the owner months after the dog was lost, Madison police said.

The Madison Police Department said in a news release Wednesday that Aja, a 3-year-old black and white dog, took off on Christmas Day 2018. The Fitchburg owner was out of town and a relative was caring for Aja on Oriole Lane.

When Aja’s owner learned her dog was lost, she contacted the Dane County Humane Society and Madison police to report Aja’s runaway status, according to the report.

Months went by and the Fitchburg woman continued to contact the humane society checking to see if Aja was found or turned in, but there was no good news to share, the report said.

On Friday, a staff member at a veterinary clinic contacted Aja’s owner to let her know someone had just brought Aja in to get microchipped. Police said Aja’s owner already had her microchipped by 24 Hour Pet Watch, and the organization put an immediate stop to the process.

Initially, the woman who had Aja was reluctant to let her go, according to the report. She tearfully told a Madison officer she found the dog in her yard eight months ago and had been taking good care of her.

The officer explained that might be so, but the rightful owner wants Aja back, and thanks to the microchipping process, that long-awaited reunion was about to happen.

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