Michigan AD: No plans to fire Hoke

Brandon says he was bothered by student rally Tuesday

Michigan athletic director Dave Brandon is standing firm, saying he has no plans to resign or fire coach Brady Hoke after the team’s struggles with issues on and off the field.

In an interview with The Michigan Daily on Thursday, Brandon said he was bothered by the student rally on campus Tuesday calling for his resignation in the wake of the controversy surrounding quarterback Shane Morris returning to Saturday’s game with an undiagnosed concussion.

“Anybody who thinks that they want groups to gather with the topic being criticism and sometimes very personal attacks on the work and the job … it’s hurtful,” he told the student newspaper. “It’s hurtful to me, it’s hurtful to my family.”

Brandon discussed new medical sidelines procedures during games to avoid situations similar to when Morris was sent back onto the field in the fourth quarter during Saturday’s 30-14 loss to Minnesota after taking a hit that resulted in a concussion.

On Monday, Hoke said he didn’t think Morris had a concussion and Brandon followed with a statement that indicated that the quarterback had a “probable” concussion. It’s not known exactly when Hoke learned that Morris did in fact suffer a concussion.

“That was just another example of the failure of communication that took place among the doctors, all of the trainers — in this case, the head coach — to try to piece together what happened,” Brandon told The Daily.