Michel: Taste of adventure

Seek adventure in food and in trips
Michel: Taste of adventure

This month’s cover story on adventurous eats reminds me of the time I visited my brother-in-law’s family on the Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe reservation in northern Wisconsin and was offered a bowl of squirrel soup. I was about to taste it when the host turned to me and said, “Where are my manners? Do you want the head?” I looked into the pot and saw a squirrel head floating on top. Uh, thanks, but no, I thought, then politely declined.

A delicacy to some might be considered a challenge to others. And in this month’s issue, we spotlight some local dining experiences that may satiate your taste for adventure. The package, which starts on page 52, opens with examples of what it means to be an adventurous eater and includes a story about dining blindfolded. It also offers ideas on where to go for some of the most exotic (and often spicy) dishes in town. It’s a fun package of stories that may spark ideas to coax you out of a culinary rut.

The story this month that feeds my sense of adventure is the feature on one-tank road trips. Starting on page 66, we offer options for six getaways that are attainable on one tank of gas. It depends on the make, model and year of your car whether you can reach St. Louis from Madison on a single tank of gas, but it’s definitely achievable with a fuel-efficient vehicle. Other closer options could be done in a day, but why not make a weekend of it?

Ever since I learned to drive, I’ve liked the freedom and excitement that comes with hitting the road with family or friends to a special destination – especially in the spring or summer. I can picture it now: windows down, wind in our hair, music blaring and the open road ahead. For inspiration during your getaway planning, check out the “Madison Magazine’s Road Trip Tunes” playlist chosen by our editorial staffers on madisonmagazine.com or on Spotify.

Whether it’s offering ideas on interesting destinations or highlighting unique cuisine, this issue invites you to throw caution to the wind.