Michel: Step right up to learn more about ‘Best of Madison’

When describing Madison, "best" usually follows
Michel: Step right up to learn more about ‘Best of Madison’

When describing Madison, the word “best” usually follows. That’s not just me talking. National Geographic ranked Madison “one of the best small cities in America” last year, and Money Magazine called our city the “best place to live in Wisconsin” in its December issue. Our state’s capital appears in many national rankings, but the list that Madisonians anticipate each year is Madison Magazine’s Best of Madison, chosen by our readers through our annual poll. And we’re proud to present the winners in this month’s issue.

This is the second year we’ve used a two-step process to conduct the poll. Anyone can make nominations in the first round, which runs throughout the entire month of August, and people can cast votes every day. The top six vote-getters advance to the final round, which takes place from mid-September to mid-October, and people cast one vote per category. This process eliminates an unfair advantage that could arise through repeated votes from the same person. The result is a prized list of winners in dozens of categories by the best judges: our readers and local residents. They know the city like no one else.

Best of Madison is one of the most recognizable brands in the area, and Madison Magazine has owned this annual readers poll since it was introduced 38 years ago. In 2019, you will see us promote the poll in exciting ways, through social media and on madisonmagazine.com. We will also offer new ways for businesses to promote their brands. While we hope these efforts will increase the popularity of our poll, Madison Magazine readers can be assured that the voting process will remain the same – and that the editorial coverage will continue to be entertaining, informative and engaging.

We hope you enjoy this year’s Best of Madison package, which feels like a day at the carnival. Our editorial and design staffs always create clever ways to present the winners. But perhaps the best way to enjoy the list is to explore the businesses, places, programs and groups represented and gauge whether you agree with other readers. And if you don’t, be sure to nominate your picks in the next poll coming up in August.

In keeping with the carnival-like theme: Step right up and be amazed by this year’s Best of Madison winners!