Michel: Rocking 40 years of our style

Madison Magazine turns 40 this year
Michel: Rocking 40 years of our style
Madison Magazine

“Life begins at 40” was a popular saying when the first issue of Madison Magazine was published in 1978. As this city-regional magazine celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, expect a few changes–some noticeable and others subtle–in its pages.

For starters, the Stylist page in the Pulse section now becomes “Our Finds.” The revamped page focuses on merchandise that the author considers gems for the home. It’s a monthly column by Maija Inveiss, our digital content editor, who has an eye for novel items, furnishings and accessories to dress up any home from the inside out. See her inaugural column on page 20.

Another departure from the ordinary happens in July, when we’ll have fun with our anniversary and dedicate much of the issue to highlights of the past 40 years. I’m approaching this milestone as a 39-year-old would, with thoughtful reflection and excitement about what comes next.

Madison Magazine has accomplished much in the past four decades in terms of telling the stories of our city and our region. Readers turn to us for annual features, such as the Best of Madison, and consider us thought leaders on pressing issues facing our community. We will continue to bring those features to you in 2018, but with a fresh twist. After all, we’re turning 40. That gives us a reason to rock our style of storytelling and deliver essential information in the forms of service journalism, listings and monthly columns.

Two words I would use to describe our content this year are enticing and engaging. Certainly our food coverage is among the main reasons subscribers and out-of-towners pick up the magazine. So we’ll continue to beef up our food coverage–both in print and digitally–and focus on local restaurants, food producers, chefs and other individuals who help make Madison a great place to dine.

Of course, we’ll also provide food for thought–like this month’s cover story on restorative justice, starting on page 54. Each year, Neil Heinen, editorial director of Madison Magazine, examines a local issue that will have great impact on our region and does so with relevant insights from key players. That’s the kind of engaging content our readers expect from us.

Some great adventures are in store as we turn 40 years young. Come along with us as we begin anew.

Karen Lincoln Michel is editor of Madison Magazine.