Michel: ‘Madison Magazine’ unveils redesign

The magazine is ever evolving
Michel: ‘Madison Magazine’ unveils redesign

As individuals, we are ever evolving. The same can be said of this magazine.

Paging through this issue, faithful readers will notice some nuanced changes–mostly in our section names and typefaces. They’re subtle, but evocative. And evoking a sense of what’s current and relevant in our region is among our top priorities, even in our design.

Speaking of design, it’s important to call out Tim Burton, our art director, whose creativity and sharp eye continue to impress me each month. He selected the fonts and created the finer artistic details throughout the magazine. His choices are spot on, and reflect how well he knows our audience as well as his craft.

Another key contributor, not only toward the redesign but the magazine as a whole, is Katie Vaughn. Before she became arts editor, Katie held the title of managing editor and helped keep our editorial staff on track. After eight years with us, Katie has taken a position within the College of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I will miss her exceptional editing, strong organizational skills, clever cover lines and quick wit. But we hope to see her byline in an occasional arts or travel story in the future.

For me, the high-water mark of our redesign is Spectrum Voices, a monthly feature in which people from diverse communities share stories of what’s important to them. It’s done in the same spirit as Spectrum magazine, published periodically by Madison Magazine in partnership with the Madison Area Diversity Roundtable. An Ojibwe woman who lives and works in Madison wrote the inaugural piece. We believe this kind of content is vital in understanding the changing demographics of our city and our region.

This redesign caps off other stellar moves we’ve made so far in 2016. Two former Madison Magazine editors each contribute monthly: Brennan Nardi writes about entrepreneurship in her column Startup City and Doug Moe writes about notable people in Person of Interest. Jessica Arp, political reporter for WISC-TV, covers state and national politics in her Politically Speaking column. In our food section, we’ve added a recipe page through a partnership with Wisconsin Whisk, a collective of food bloggers. I also give a deserving shout-out to all of our talented contributors and staff editors whose work will be illuminated in the new design, from the Pulse section to John Roach’s Final Word.

As this magazine evolves, it is my hope that its pages evoke a vibrant reflection of our community with every turn.