Michel: An amazing connection

He once told me, "You're stronger than you think."
Michel: An amazing connection
Courtesy of Karen Lincoln Michel

This December marks the first year without my brother Jeffrey Lincoln, who I turned to for guidance, support, laughter and all the special things you count on from a big brother. I was by his side when he left for the Spirit World on Nov. 29, 2017, and I wondered what life would be like without him. It has been amazing, both in its challenges and rewards – just as he would have wanted it to be.

My brother saw something in me that I could never quite see in myself. He once told me, “You’re stronger than you think.” Those words kept coming back to me in the spring and summer months when I served as interim publisher and editor-in-chief of this magazine, and again when I was offered the promotion to publisher and editor in late September. This awesome leadership opportunity has allowed me to see the magazine in a completely new way, and has made me extremely grateful to our subscribers who invest in the publication and those readers who buy it on newsstands.

Until I took on this new role, I had built a career as a writer and editor. I thrived on producing quality journalism and delivering the kind of stories I know readers want. Now I am bringing that same passion and energy to the rest of the magazine. You will see our magazine staffers interacting more with our readers and social media followers through some creative efforts, including the launch this month of a VIP group called Club M. We hope to build strong bonds and give Club M members the chance to experience our events as insiders. In the process, we will seek more ways to partner with the business community.

I think my brother would have liked this approach. And I probably would have shared with him that one of the biggest challenges I face (and that publishers in general face) is the perception by advertisers that the magazine industry is on the decline. I need to send the message that with Madison Magazine’s editorial quality and strong reputation as a leading source for dining, arts, entertainment and in-depth coverage of local issues, our publication is the logical choice for advertisers who want to reach Madisonians with significant buying power.

My brother was a subscriber and I smiled when, in his final days, I saw him with a copy of last December’s issue. My challenge is for the magazine to earn that same kind of amazing connection from local readers and advertisers.