MGE shareholders introduce clean-energy resolutions

Shareholders to vote on proposals focused on sustainable practices
MGE shareholders introduce clean-energy resolutions
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A group of Madison Gas and Electric shareholders have introduced resolutions focused on clean energy and sustainable practices, according to a release.

The shareholders hope the resolutions will be heard at the next shareholder meeting in May, officials said.

“As shareholders, we call upon MGE to change course and lead the transition to clean energy,” said Beth Esser, one of the MGE shareholders submitting the proposals. “MGE relies heavily on fossil fuels, despite its promoted image as the community’s progressive, green energy provider. We shareholders can use our voices to challenge MGE to lead in providing clean energy to its customers and a reliable investment to shareholders.”

The resolutions being submitted for a shareholder vote are to be at 25 percent renewable energy by 2025 and to use sustainability metrics in executive compensation, according to the release.

“We call upon other shareholders to support these clean-energy resolutions to reduce risk from a pollution-heavy strategy and to protect the long-term stability of our investment in MGE,” Don Wichert, another shareholder, said.