MFD warns of dangers of improperly disposing smoking materials after 2 incidents in 1 night

MFD warns of dangers of improperly disposing smoking materials after 2 incidents in 1 night

The Madison Fire Department reminds citizens about safely discarding smoking materials after responding to two separate fires late Monday night and early Friday morning where smoking materials were found near the scene.

The first fire was called in around 11 p.m. Monday night at a residence on Dwight Drive where occupants noticed smoke in the live room. The smoke led to a fire near their second-story balcony outside, officials said.

MFD crews extinguished the fire, which did not extend to the interior of the building, quickly. Smoking materials were found near where the fire took place, and one occupant stated she had been smoking on the balcony a couple of hours before the fire, according to a report from the MFD

The residents were not displaced, and their home is insured, officials said.

The second fire took place around 6 a.m. Tuesday, when the MFD was called to respond to a fire reported by a neighbor in the backyard of a residence on Oak Street, according to the report.

Officials found a lawn chair smoldering behind the structure and put out the fire with a water can extinguisher. The nearby building was unaffected, officials said.

Next to the burned lawn chair, firefighters said they found a mason jar lying on its side with smoking materials scattered around the area. The grass surrounding the area was also burned, according to the report.

The MFD warns that cigarettes that are not discarded carefully and properly can lead to fires that cause damaged property, injury or death. They say to dispose of smoking materials in non-combustible containers and consider adding water to the container for additional assurance that the smoking materials are extinguished.