MFD: Burning recyclables dumped from truck to access, fight flames

Crews had to empty a recycling truck into a Madison-area street to fight a fire within the rubbish inside, officials said.

The Madison Fire Department said crews responded to a report of a heavy black smoke coming from the rear of a Waste Management truck at 9:10 a.m. Thursday in Shorewood Hills.

The truck was in the middle of the road in the 2700 block of Marshall Court, near UW Hospital and Clinics, about a block north of University Avenue.

According to the report, the truck mostly contained recyclables, with cardboard being the most prevalent material. The truck was about half-full and the driver had just made a pickup in the area. While driving away, he noticed smoke starting to rise from the back of the truck and stopped to call 911.

MFD: Burning recyclables dumped from truck to access, fight flames

One crew hooked up to a fire hydrant and deployed two hose streams, one directed through the open top of the truck and the other at the rear gate area. Two more crews arrived to assist with suppression efforts.

The entire load of recyclables was eventually pushed out onto the street, the fire department said. The Village of Shorewood Hills Public Works department sent in an end-loader to break up the pile of rubbish so firefighters could extinguish all the hot spots. Shorewood Hills PD assisted with traffic control and ensured a safe environment for firefighters to operate.

After the fire was out, Waste Management, which owns the truck, and Shorewood Hills Public Works took over cleanup.

Final damage estimates were not available Friday, fire officials said.