Mexico travel concerns ahead of spring break

Mexico travel concerns ahead of spring break
By Alfonzo Buscemi, CC BY 3.0,

It’s officially spring break season, but the excitement of having a week off to travel may be marred by concerns about safety in Mexico.

Verona couple Melissa and Thomas Costello are heading off to Playa Del Carmen early next month.

“We just plan to lay out a lot, read a lot,” Thomas Costello said. “It’s a 15 year anniversary trip so we’ve been planning it for a while; we made the reservations about a months ago.”

Shortly after booking their trip the State Department issued a now lifted advisory following the discovery of undetonated explosives in nearby Cozumel. The discovery followed a Feb. 21 ferry explosion in Playa Del Carmen that injured 26 people including U.S. citizens. Last year a Pewaukee, Wisconsin woman mysteriously died after she was found in a Playa Del Carmen pool.

Ed Mani, the president of travel agency Burkhalter Travel, said his company has fielded increased questions from clients regarding the safety of the travel destination. However, because of low prices and direct flights, Mexico still remains their number one destination. He said the best way to stay safe is to pack your common sense.

“Don’t try to buy drugs in a foreign country. Don’t do anything illegal, just like you wouldn’t do anything illegal here and you’re going to be fine,” Mani said.

That’s advice Costello plans to follow.

The State Department has a new guideline system where every country is given a number. 1) Exercise normal precautions. 2) Exercise increased caution. 3) Reconsider travel. 4) Do not travel.

Mexico is a two.