Metro Transit will pay you $10,000 to design new bus rapid transit stations. Here’s how to win

MADISON, Wis.– Madison’s transportation system is getting a makeover and the city is giving everyone the chance to be on the design team.

Metro Transit is hosting a design competition for its new bus rapid transit stations. Winners will be rewarded with up to $10,000.

“It gives us the opportunity to make this project more uniquely Madison,” Metro Transit General Manager Justin Stuehrenberg said.

Madison is growing quickly and the current bus system is having trouble keeping up.

“We’re in the top 15 in the country in terms of transit ridership per capita,” Stuehrenberg said.

That’s why Metro Transit is reinvisioning how much of it works. Stuehrenberg said bus rapid transit is the answer.

“Bus rapid transit is essentially intended to be faster and high capacity transit that can form the spine of the overall system,” Stuehrenberg said.

From buying tickets to bus movement, the idea is to speed the entire process up. Stuehrenberg said this is done in a couple of ways: bigger buses and efficient boarding.

“The less time the bus sits at the stop waiting for people to board, the more time it spends moving and benefiting the passengers,” Stuehrenberg said.

City and federal dollars will pay to build 30 stations across Madison, designed with comfort, safety and efficiency in mind.

“Our target is a stop every half mile or so, which in the current system is roughly every quarter mile,” Stuehrenberg said.

Each station be raised on a platform to be level with the buses. There will be machines to purchase tickets and real-time boards displaying when the next bus arrives.

People entering the competition will need to keep that in mind when designing their concepts.

“It needs to serve the transit service well and serve our riders well and enhance that quality of service,” Stuehrenberg said.

The competition deadline is March 31. Submissions should be sent to View more details here.