Meth ring leader sentenced to 15 years prison

Meth ring leader sentenced to 15 years prison
Jason Morrison/

A Madison man was sentenced this week in what prosecutors called a methamphetamine distribution conspiracy earlier this year.

Acting U.S. Attorney Jeffrey M. Anderson’s office said Tuesday that 43-year-old Christopher Dutton was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for conspiring to distribute meth.

Dutton was indicted with seven others in connection to the meth investigation , the Department of Justice said in April. Dutton and others were charged with conspiring from September 2015 to February 2017 to distribute methamphetamine.

Dutton was responsible for bringing at least 1.7 kilograms of nearly pure methamphetamine into the Madison area from California, Anderson’s office said. Dutton was subject to a mandatory minimum penalty of 10 years because of the quantity of methamphetamine that was attributable to him, but Judge William Conley added five years to the sentence since he said Dutton role was as leader of the drug ring involving at least 10 other people.

According to the release, five of the eight individuals charged in the indictment have pleaded guilty; Dutton is the first to be sentenced.