Metcalfe’s warning other businesses about counterfeit thermometers on Amazon

MADISON, Wis. — Metcalfe’s is warning other businesses after the grocery store bought what it believes is counterfeit thermometers.

President and co-owner Tim Metcalfe said about 6 weeks ago he purchased thermometers on Amazon. He said he picked one he thought seemed legitimate.

Metcalfe said he wanted to be prepared if the store was going to be required to check employees’ temperatures.

But once the thermometer arrived from China, he was skeptical about the logos on it, and it wasn’t working very well.

“(The temperatures) were all over the board, you’d be 97.5 and then you’d be 95.2 and then 93 and 97. So we kind of determined that this we believe is counterfeit,” said Metcalfe.

Now the store has a thermometer from a local supplier that Metcalfe said has been certified.

The Better Business Bureau said it is seeing a lot of reports about phony websites and businesses selling in-demand items such as hand sanitizer, face masks and thermometers.

Metcalfe said the thermometer that didn’t work was $69 and the certified one the store is using now was $139. He said the difference in price should’ve told him the cheaper one wasn’t the right choice.