Metcalfe’s employees go above and beyond in time of need

A customer wrote in an email how several employees stepped up to make sure one family didn't go without groceries

MADISON, Wis. — Tim Metcalfe, owner of Metcalfe’s markets, shared a heartwarming email message he received from a customer about some of his employees who went above and beyond.

The email was from Leslie Petty, who is the board chairperson for the Boys & Girls Club of Dane County.

Petty wrote, “Today, I shopped at Metcalfe’s on behalf of a single mother of four children. The funds used to purchase her food was from the Emergency & Recovery Fund. This beautiful young mother of four had a list of items that required a visit through every aisle. She covered the entire healthy food group pyramid and more. And, I enjoyed crossing off each grocery item on the list because we were feeding a struggling family for the next few weeks. This was no ordinary grocery store visit. What made this visit extraordinary was the spontaneous generosity of your employees.”

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“I had a full shopping cart and began loading the items onto the belt. The allocation for this mother was $300. I asked the cashier to stop ringing up the food at $301 because I had reached the maximum. There were more groceries in the cart. Much to my surprise, your cashier Carl A. generously donated $25 towards the items left in the cart. His kindness touched me. But there’s more. The kind gentleman (Paul S.) who was bagging the food donated an additional $25. At this point, I was getting teary-eyed.  And, here comes another act of kindness. Emma R. noticed a few last products in the cart and paid the rest of the bill. In total, I believe the cost was around $360. Because of your staff, a family can go to bed tonight and know where they will get their next meal.”

“I am grateful to you and your employees for your kindness. You have wonderful people working for you who understands the gift of giving back.”

Metcalfe said the act of kindness, “doesn’t surprise me. These are very wonderful employees but what was really exciting for me was, among this cloud of daily changes that we all have gone through, here’s this ray of sunshine that comes through the hearts of these three individuals. I’m so proud of them and really everyone here at Metcalfe’s.”