‘Metal Mom’ makes some noise at Syttende Mai parade

‘Metal Mom’ makes some noise at Syttende Mai parade

Thousands celebrated Norwegian heritage in Stoughton during the annual Syttende Mai festivities, including a parade Sunday. One of its floats was the first of its kind, with a son honoring his mother in a unique way.

While preparing a float for his hometown’s Syttende Mai parade, Nick Prueher knew he had some lofty goals.

“It’s fun to shake up a little town like this sometimes,” he said. “This was the dumbest idea I’ve ever had.”

That includes a black Norwegian-style ship with a throne, fit for a mom – a metal mom, that is.

“It’s surreal,” Nick’s mom, Jeanne Prueher, said. “I can’t believe this is happening. My son, Nick, has a weird imagination.”

“It wasn’t real until she was actually up there in her metal shirt,” Nick said.

#Stoughton get ready: here’s a preview of the much-awaited #MetalMom float in today’s #SyttendeMai #parade. #rockon pic.twitter.com/qZjXbktrzp

— Madalyn O’Neill (@news3madalyn) May 20, 2018

Jeanne is still a bit unsure how she ended up in the seat, but it all started years ago when Nick bought her her first heavy metal shirt — and Metal Mom was born.

“I was hoping it would all go away, that Nick would forget it, but oh no, no,” she said. “After that, shirts kept coming in over months.”

They made a Metal Mom Instagram account.

Happy Mother’s Day to my Metal Mom! . . . #metalmom #mommetal #mymetalmom

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“I had to pose in all these heavy metal shirts doing mom things, like knitting, drinking coffee and reading magazines,” Jeanne said.

“The more gruesome, the funnier it was to me to have my sweet mother wear them,” Nick said.

Metal Mom’s actual musical taste is a little softer.

“Nick says my favorite music is John Denver in the Muppets Christmas CD,” Jeanne said.

Part of Nick’s parade plan was to play heavy metal music, including a song the local band Crackhammer made just in Metal Mom’s honor.

The finishing touch before parade time was a huge helium balloon, depicting Metal Mom herself.

“I’m elated that it’s finally all together,” Nick said.

The float took hundreds of hours of work from several local helpers, and it was the first time the parade had a helium balloon.

Nick is planning to do it all again next year.

“I think this might be a tradition,” he said.