Metal detectors used for the first time at Kohl Center

Metal detectors used for the first time at Kohl Center

Fans had to walk through metal detectors Saturday night before they could enter the Kohl Center for the preseason matchup between the Milwaukee Bucks and Dallas Mavericks.

Saturday’s game was the first time the metal detectors had been used.

“It just makes sense to have this in place at the front doors to make sure something doesn’t get in that shouldn’t be in,” UWPD Public Information Officer Marc Lovicott said.

Most fans said they thought the extra security measure was a good idea, but they were worried about it slowing them down.

“We’re here pretty early, but I have a feeling more toward game time, it might slow the crowd down getting in,” Scott Smith said. “If we’re running behind or we’re in a big hurry, it might be kind of stressful.”

UW Athletics encourages people to get to the game early. Since the metal detectors were added, gates open 90 minutes before the start of a game instead of the usual 60 minutes.

“We just want to give fans an extra cushion of time to plan ahead if they are concerned with delays at the gates,” Daron Jones, Wisconsin athletics director of external engagement, said. “We’re hopeful that it won’t be extreme delays, but we certainly recognize that early on in the process it may take a little longer.”

Right now, the Kohl Center is the only campus facility that has the metal detectors, but the safety measure might spread to other buildings.

“Down the road, we’re going to look at other facilities to see if it makes sense for those particular venues as well,” Jones said.