Mercedes Benz pays judgment in Wisconsin lawsuit

Mercedes Benz has paid the $618,000 the Wisconsin Supreme Court says it owed in a lemon law case after the victorious attorney sought garnishment of earnings from six Mercedes Benz dealers in the state.

Attorney Vince Megna says the payment from Mercedes Benz was hand-delivered on Monday. That was 11 days after Megna filed the garnishment action in court because the car company had not yet paid the court-ordered judgment in May.

The ruling grew out of a 2005 case involving a Waukesha businessman who bought a defective $56,000 Mercedes-Benz, but the company argued it wasn’t liable because the owner didn’t provide information needed to grant a refund.

The Supreme Court disagreed and ordered the payment.

Megna says additional unpaid attorneys’ fees will likely eclipse $235,000.