Mequon native injured in Colo. theater shooting

Carey Rottman shot in the leg

A Wisconsin man is recovering from surgery after the shooting rampage at a Denver area movie theater showing the new Batman movie.

Carey Rottman, 27, a Mequon native, and his friend were wounded by the gunman who killed 12 people and wounded nearly 60 others.

Rottman’s father said he got the call about his son around 2 a.m. Rottman, who was in a Denver hospital room, said he’d been shot in the thigh, with the bullet confined to the muscle.

His father said Rottman is expected to be just fine.

Rottman posted on his Facebook page from a hospital emergency room, “Shot in the leg at Batman. Where is he when you need him. Please pray for everyone here.”

Rottman was a former running back for Winona State University from 2005 to 2007.

He graduated the next year with a business administrative degree and moved to Colorado for work.

The former running back’s coach spoke about the outpouring of community support for Rottman and all the victims.

“It’s neat to see people come together and rally and it’s a typical small town or Midwest town that if something happens, people rally and that’s how we are right now. Everybody is sort of calling around and there’s nothing we can really do except pray a lot and he was one of those guys you would drive across the country for if he asked you to,” said Tom Sawyer, WSU head football coach.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported Rottman’s friend was shot twice, but was recovering.

A 15-year-old Plymouth girl was in an adjacent theater when the gunman began shooting.

Katie Trakel was not hurt but told The Sheboygan Press a stray bullet went through the wall and hit one of her friends in the arm.