Memorial walk honors boy who died in Stoughton

Family raises awareness for autism
Memorial walk honors boy who died in Stoughton

Friends, family and community members gathered on Tuesday to honor Jeremiah Conn, the 5-year-old boy who died in Stoughton last week.

Conn drowned in a retention pond. He had autism and his family said he loved the water.

On Tuesday, dozens walked from his home on Fischer Street in south Madison to the Fountain of Life Church on West Badger Road. A memorial service was held for Conn there.

Conn’s mother said the route was special to her, since the duo would often walk it together.

“I just want them to think he was a happy person. He’s in a better place. He wouldn’t want you to be sad or gloomy. He used to make people laugh when they looked sad.,” said Sarah Fleming, Conn’s mother.

The family also hoped the walk would raise awareness for autism.