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Exceptional Women 2020
Husch Blackwell
Meg Pekarske, Husch Blackwell

Meg Pekarske of Husch Blackwell didn’t grow up dreaming of being a lawyer, but rather was called to it through her compassion for others. Little did she know that practicing hospice law would lead her to become a respected name in this niche industry.

As the exclusive firm practicing hospice law in Wisconsin, Husch Blackwell serves hospice and palliative care providers nationwide from Hawaii to Maryland. It’s a dedication to the industry that is unmatched by any other law firm in the country.

Pekarske’s successful career can be attributed to her drive and motivation to give those working in hospice care the best support possible, and to the way she connects compassionately and personally with clients.

“It’s so important to be who you are,” she said. “If you bring your whole self to what you do, people see that, and while it may not resonate with everyone it will attract those who you do want to work with. Hospice people are my people, and I want to continue to learn and grow with them to assist them in new and expanded ways.”

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