Meet the people who get together at the top of State Street every day to educate, unite for a common cause

MADISON, Wis. — Nearly every day at the top of State Street you can find a new crowd of people sitting together supporting a common cause.

“It seems like Madison is really hungry for something like this,” said an event organizer. This organizer, who we will refer to as “Z”, agreed to speak to us but wanted to stay anonymous for her safety.

“We are out here speaking against imperialism, capitalism, patriarchy,” Z said. “We know that no one is free until black people are free.”

The message they are spreading is one they describe as unifying, empowering and supportive of a good cause.

“There’s so much love here,” said an anonymous attendee. “This is a group of people coming together because they deeply care for a community and a country that is being disproportionately affected by police brutality and a system that wasn’t made for them.”

They’ve been rallying people together as a unified support system ever since the George Floyd protests started in late May.

“I think if we don’t come out here and raise our voices, then people are just going to keep ignoring that message,” an attendee said.

The crowd knows that many people don’t want them to gather and be disruptive, which is exactly why the group says their message needs to be heard every day.

“You’re just hearing the noise,” one attendee said. “You’re not listening to what we have to say. It’s about you needing to listen. You need to come out and see what we are actually doing out here because it’s more than noise.”

And even though not everyone agrees on the issues we face as a community, one attendee said, “I don’t think anybody wants to see our community harmed. But what I do know is the harm, the breaking of the property, none of that has been on the same scale as the harm that has come to the communities of color in Madison.”

Z said the point of gathering at the top of State Street every day is to continue making sure their voices are heard and that their message is loud and clear until they feel the people in power start to make noticeable changes.

“The message is revolution. We want to shed a light on and we want to wake people up to this system being violent against black and brown people.”

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