Meet Experts On Developmental Disabilities

Waisman Center highlights Grandparents Network.
Meet Experts On Developmental Disabilities



Understanding how developmental disabilities occur, what causes them and how to deal with them, can be a daunting challenge. Even parents of children with developmental disabilities can struggle to understand the impact this has on their lives and the life of their child, to say nothing of extended family.

The Waisman Center on the UW Madison Campus is one of the world’s leading research centers on these special disabilities, and thanks in large part to Judith Ward the Center is having a special first annual Waisman Center Day with the Experts. The highlight is the Grandparents Network, a new program focused on grandparents of children and adults with disabilities. The idea is to help grandparents enhance the unique resources they offer to help others dealing with developmental disabilities. There will be plenty of Waisman Center experts on hand and the whole thing just makes such great sense to us we’re happy to share it with you. You need to register at the Waisman Center website. We urge you to do so.