Meet at Madison Modern Market

The State Street shop offers functional gifts

Since opening in 2013, Madison Modern Market has become a one-stop shop on State Street for functional yet beautifully designed items. The lifestyle boutique stocks a wide variety of kitchen gadgets, minimalistic jewelry, personal products, home goods and miscellaneous gifts.

For Emma Stepien, Madison Modern Market’s manager, the functionality of a product is key. She says if something looks good but doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, it’s not worth selling.

Along with functionality, Stepien says, understanding how and why a company makes a product adds value to the shopping experience.

Madison Modern Market, itself a small business, is supportive of other small makers in the community. Local companies, including Wisconsin Candle Co. and Human Crafted, make custom products for the store.

When it came to naming the boutique, Stepien says three ideas were important to include: the store’s modern aesthetic, its diverse stock of goods and its location in the heart of Madison. Madison Modern Market can be a mouthful, however, so she uses MMM or “Meet Me at the Market” as alternatives.

“We really focus on quality,” Stepien says. “You’re going to find something that maybe you didn’t know you needed, but once you buy it, you really enjoy it.”


Isn’t It S’well?: Fit an entire 25-ounce bottle of wine and keep it cold in a S’well water bottle, great for Concerts on the Square picnics. $45Meet at Madison Modern Market

Talk of the Party: These cleanly designed, retro party glasses keep guests ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your drinkware. $32 for a set of fourMeet at Madison Modern Market

It’s the Bee’s Knees: Bee’s Wrap, a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap, keeps sandwiches and cheeses covered. $10 for a sandwich wrapMeet at Madison Modern Market

Man, You Smell Good: Fulton & Roark’s colognes can keep any man feeling fresh with long-lasting fragrances in portable containers. $42Meet at Madison Modern Market

Get the Lay of the Land: Local maker Human Crafted creates custom light-green and slate-gray transparent designs of topographically accurate Wisconsin elevation artwork. $45Meet at Madison Modern Market

Simple Studs: Seattle-based Baleen makes handmade, minimalistic stud earrings, designed for everyday wear. $24Meet at Madison Modern Market

Madison Modern Market
310 State St., 257-1555

Maija Inveiss is digital content editor of Madison Magazine.