Medical Examiner identifies suspect in shooting at Middleton software company

Medical Examiner identifies suspect in shooting at Middleton software company

The Dane County Medical Examiner has released the name of the man suspected of shooting his coworkers at a Middleton software company.

He’s identified as 43-year-old Anthony Y. Tong of Madison. After an autopsy Thursday, the medical examiner said he died from firearm-related trauma.

Dane County property records indicate a home searched Wednesday night at 9738 Gilded Cider Boulevard is owned by Tong. City of Madison property records indicate Tong bought the property in July.

Middleton Police Chief Chuck Foulke confirmed Thursday morning that a home searched on the far west side of Madison Wednesday night was the home of the suspect in the shooting at WTS Paradigm and that he lived in the home alone.

“Items beneficial to the investigation were collected in the search warrant and I think it’s fair to say that the search warrant and the residence are connected to this case,” Foulke said.

Madison Police tactical teams, as well as the Dane County Bomb Squad, were involved in the search of the home Wednesday night.

Foulke declined to confirm the name of the suspect in the news conference Thursday, but said there were “no investigative reasons for keeping that quiet.” He said he’d been asked by the Dane County District Attorney’s Office as well as the Dane County Medical Examiner not to release the name as family was being contacted and interviewed across the country.

“What I would like to tell you at this time is that we can say there are no threats to the public,” Foulke said. “There are no indications that anybody else acted in this case other than the suspect so there are no issues with public safety going forward.”

Foulke said that investigators are still looking at whether the suspect legally owned the gun and that the ATF is in the process of tracing the weapon. Investigators do not believe the suspect had a permit in Wisconsin to carry a concealed weapon.

Investigators also confirmed that the suspect was an employee of WTS Paradigm since April 2017 . Foulke said the suspect had come to work in the morning and sometime after 10:20 a.m. began shooting in the office.

Prior to the search, law enforcement asked neighbors to leave the area. Neighbors said they were told the search was associated with the investigation into the shooting.

Stephanie Thiede, who lives nearby the home, told News 3 she knows quite a few of her neighbors, but with it being a new development, she doesn’t know all of her neighbors.

“It’s scary,” Thiede said. “Just concerning to not know, to think someone living behind us was maybe involved in that.”

Another neighbor who was leaving the area with her daughter said many people in the neighborhood did not seem to know the person who lived in the home.

“I just asked you know what’s happening and I asked what’s the relation to the shooting, because it was our understanding that the shooter was shot, so you think it’s kind of done, so I guess just wondering what more is there that we need to be concerned about,” the neighbor told News 3.

Drew Beatty, a developer at WTS Paradigm, told News 3 he was sitting at his desk Wednesday morning when he heard four or five loud bangs. During a pause in the shooting, Beatty said, he ran out a nearby door.

After learning the identity of the shooter from co-workers, Beatty said he did not know Tong well but described him as “quiet.”