Meatless Madison: Frito burrito at Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace

One of many vegetarian options at Tex-Mex spot

In the third edition of Meatless Madison, where we highlight vegan and vegetarian dishes from local restaurants, we spotlight the popular Frito burrito from Tex Tubb’s Taco Palace. Located in the center of the Atwood neighborhood, Tex Tubb’s has had the Frito Burrito on its menu for more than 10 years. On any given day, Tex Tubb’s slings 50 to 100 burritos.

Difficult to tackle without a fork and knife, the vegetarian edition of this burrito is stuffed with fried avocados, rice, refried beans and corn salsa. It is served with sides of slaw, pico de gallo and sour cream then topped with cheese sauce and Fritos. Fun Fact about Tex Tubb’s — its kitchen has a vegetarian-only fryer. Yes, after being tossed in a soy-based batter, this burrito’s avocados are dipped into an animal-friendly fryer where not meat has ever gone.

“The most addictive element of the burrito is its velvety cheese sauce,” says Christopher Durley, general manager for Tex Tubb’s. “We slowly melt [the cheese], adding our own special spices and ingredients. We can add that cheese to anything on the menu and make it ‘wet.'” Durley laughed and said he recently tried cheese with ice cream — it was interesting.

Tex Tubb’s does offer a vegan option for this dish, too. The cheese sauce and sour cream are replaced with non-dairy alternatives. Nearly one third of Tex Tubb’s menu can be modified to be vegetarian. So If you are not interested in a burrito, there are plenty other vegetarian and vegan options, including vegetarian flautas, filled with sweet potato and corn salsa; fried cauliflower tacos; sweet potato enchiladas; and a grilled vegetable quesadilla.