“Meaningul Action”

President's words ring true.
“Meaningul Action”




It’s way too soon to even consider how time will ease the grief we as a nation feel for the victims of Friday’s shooting in Newton, Connecticut. But for now we all feel unfathomable bewilderment and deep and profound sadness. And, we hope, anger.

This type of mass killing has become so common, so frequent we have to ask ourselves as a nation, who are we, and what do we stand for? No other nation in the world, no other culture accepts this level of violence. Is there any other reasonable explanation, than we as a country, as a people, have decided that the death of 27 people, of 20 children, is a tolerable tradeoff for the unrestricted freedom to own and carry guns? How else can we explain our willingness to allow this to happen over and over and over? 

President Obama said we must “come together to take meaningful action.” We as a nation are capable of agreeing what constitutes meaningful action. Perhaps we can finally find the will to do so.