Meander to Martinsville for great bike paths, riding roads

Scenic paths and excellent riding starts in...
Meander to Martinsville for great bike paths, riding roads
Martinsville has many excellent biking roads.

Madison’s Bombay Bicycle Club, which schedules group rides throughout the year, coined the term “Martinsville Meander” for a 40-mile ride that begins at Lakeview Park in Middleton and heads north on Pleasant View Road. You could also ride the bike path that runs along U.S. Highway 12 if you don’t mind the traffic noise.

There are plenty of excellent riding roads that will get you to Martinsville, including longtime favorites like Woodland, Riles and Kickaboo. The hills here are not super steep but are long enough to leave you fumbling for a lower gear if you went too hard at the bottom.

But no matter the route to Martinsville, make sure to include Enchanted Valley Road on either the way out or the way back. As the name implies, this scenic low-traffic drive is about as sweet as it gets. It climbs over two major ridges, offering great views and a test for the legs.

Trip Tip
Northern Dane County doesn’t feature any 16th-century cathedrals, but the St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church at the top of the hill in Martinsville is pretty darn impressive in its own right. Bicyclists can spot the church steeple from miles away as it rises over the cornfields west of U.S. Highway 12.

Thirsty riders can search out water at the ball diamond next to the church, but why not drop a dime locally by visiting the Keg of Martinsville? It bills itself as a country bar with good food and fun people. What could be more ‘Sconnie?