Meals on Wheels volunteer saves woman’s life

Meals on Wheels volunteer saves woman’s life
Kitty Hutchins

Meals on Wheels volunteer saves woman’s life

A Meals on Wheels volunteer followed protocol and instinct to save someone’s life over the holidays.

But Kitty Hutchins doesn’t call herself a hero. She said she did what the other 350 volunteers would do to help their clients, and in Kitty’s case, it was 89-year-old Geraldine Feist.

“I like giving back,” said Hutchins, who has been delivering Meals on Wheels for a decade. “The people are so appreciative of getting a meal.”

For seven months, Hutchins has gone to Geraldine’s home on Madison’s east side to give her lunch, but this week was unlike all the others.

“It was unusual for her not to answer,” Hutchins said. “She’s there, but she didn’t answer her door and I call (for her dogs), but I don’t know if she heard me knocking.”

What Hutchins did next was not only follow her instinct, but protocol and likely saved Geraldine’s life.

“We call the person and then I called Meals on Wheels,” Hutchins said. “We don’t leave the meal, and I called and let them know and they in turn, got a hold of the emergency contact.”

Paramedics found Geraldine on the floor. She had suffered a stroke two days earlier.

Despite dehydration and memory loss, Geraldine’s family told News 3 she’s at UW Hospital recovering. They’ll likely move her into a nursing home next week.

“I’m glad she’s recovering, she’s a very sweet lady,” Hutchins said.

Geraldine’s family wants to pass along their thanks to Hutchins, while a Meals on Wheels spokeswoman called her “amazing” and “valuable.”