McFarland man offers to ‘marry, divorce, change name, become your son’ for season Packers tickets

McFarland man offers to ‘marry, divorce, change name, become your son’ for season Packers tickets

A Craigslist post by a McFarland man is going viral.

Matthew McLaughlin, 35, is the man behind the viral post, according to Appleton Post Crescent.

McLaughlin said after 10 years on the Green Bay Packers season ticket holder waitlist, he is 70,000 people away from retrieving those tickets.

Packers fans will do ANYTHING to be a season ticket holder ��

— Stephanie Olson (@StephO1821) August 28, 2019

The Packers season ticket holder waitlist was at 133,000 as of January 2018, according to 247 sports.

He said, “I am beginning to realize that modern medicine isn’t going to get me to 226 years of age (thanks Obamacare). Therefore, I need a different way to acquire season tickets.”

McLaughlin lists four ways Packers season ticket holders can help him get to Lambeau Field:

“1. If you are currently on the wait list and expect to be called up soon (under 1,000), I’d pay you for your spot. In order to accomplish this, I will legally change my name to yours right before you get your tickets. The Packers will have no idea. I’m not joking. I’ve thought about this for a long time.

“2. If you currently have tickets and are a bit older, I’d pay you to leave to me in your will. We’d need to craft a story to make it work, though, since the Packers only allow them to be transferred to certain relatives. I’d cover adult adoption fees, if you wanted to go that route. Again, not joking. As your son, I’ll also send you Father’s Day and/or Mother’s Day gifts.

“3. If you are single, man or woman, I will marry you and pay all expenses plus additional cash for your inconvenience. Then we get divorced and you can transfer the tickets to me as part of the divorce decree. We can time it correctly so we maximize our joint tax refund too and take advantage of the marriage benefits.

I’m serious about this. I’ll marry and divorce you, change my name to your name, or become your son. Let’s make this happen.”

McLaughlin ends his post with “Go Pack Go!”

If you would like to sign up to be on the list for Packers season tickets, click here.

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