McCarthy says call to ref was the ‘right thing’

Coach wants to look forward
McCarthy says call to ref was the ‘right thing’

Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy said the courtesy phone call he made to the referee that awarded the Packers’ game against Seattle to the Seahawks was “the right thing to do.”

McCarthy called referee Wayne Elliott a few days after the Sept. 24 game and left a voicemail to offer support amid the criticism he was receiving over the call.  A pass to Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate that appeared to be intercepted by Packers defensive back M.D. Jennings was ruled a touchdown, giving the Seahawks the game.  Elliott reviewed the play and let the ruling stand.

Interviewed WTMJ radio Friday, McCarthy was reluctant to talk about his phone call to the referee. McCarthy explained that he’s tried to focus his team on the future and not the fallout from the replacement referees and feels he should do the same.