Mazomanie DJ live streams jam session, brings joy

MAZOMANIE, Wis. —  A Mazomanie DJ hosted a live stream jam session from his home Saturday night, inviting people to chime in online with their song requests, hoping to bring joy to those stuck inside because of the coronavirus.

“It’s causing people to have depression and it’s causing people’s moods to kind of not be as they should because their routine has been kind of thrown out of whack,” said Nicholas Roberson, also known as DJ Robbie Rob.

Roberson, a Navy veteran, said he initially planned to set up his equipment outside on his porch like he had the weekend prior, but because of rain he had to move the party down to his basement.

Still Roberson said he hoped the music would brighten the day of those who have had their typical Saturday night fun disrupted by the coronavirus.

“It’s an obligation for us being DJs that we need to always kind of spread the cheer,” he said. 

Roberson decided to host his second socially distant DJ set on Saturday after getting so much positive feedback on last weekend’s festivities that began on his porch.

“We even had someone come in and dance the YMCA in our yard,” said Roberson’s wife Heather. “So it was a good time.”

With the weather on his side and the help of his friend Michael, Roberson was able to not only play music on his porch but was also able to take the show on the road.

“[Michael’s] like ‘Hey, I got a trailer and a generator. Let’s go ahead and put you on the back and go ride around town playing music,'” Roberson recalled. “I’m like, ‘Let’s do it!'”

He also said the idea started as a joke but that the two ended up driving around Mazomanie for an hour and a half playing music to the pleasant surprise of their neighbors.

“Sometimes just one special song can just make a whole difference in somebody’s world,” Heather said. “So we’re doing our part to step up and spread the cheer.”

Roberson noted that he initially had a dance in Mazomanie set up for Saturday for adults and kids with special needs, but had to postpone the event due to the pandemic.

There is no new date set for ‘Boogie the Night Away Downtown’ but Roberson said he looks forward to hosting it as soon as he is able.