Mazomanie artists give joy to community through ice sculptures, igloos

MAZOMANIE, Wis. — Mazomanie artists are bringing joy to their community by getting creative with this month’s snow and cold weather.

After snow piled up along the Art Side Out Studio and Mask Shop, owner Jeff Semmerling built a giant shark sculpture. The shark lays on the corner of his store, where many people have come to check it out.

According to Semmerling, the shark is a part of the neighborhood now.

“It’s really important that art should be there to wake us up and make us be in the present,” Semmerling said.

The artist built snow pillars so young kids can get involved and carve a sculpture of their own.

Semmerling and the local kids aren’t the only ones who have been using their creative side this season. Just down the street, Jason Sromovksy has built three large igloos from the recent snow.

He says the igloos have brought in many new faces and visitors.

“It’s awesome. The kid’s love it and people bring the grandkids and it’s a blast,” Sromovsky said.

The igloo builder finished his final masterpiece today. It reaches over 8-feet tall.

As warmer days approach, the artists encourage anyone to get out and see their snow creations.