Mayor meets Meadowood residents at Meet and Eat

Residents concerned about state of the neighborhood

Madison’s mayor visited a troubled neighborhood Thursday after a longtime business announced its closure.

Mayor Paul Soglin met with concerned residents at Meet and Eat Thursday. Residents said they were worried about the state of the Meadowood neighborhood.

Meet and Eat is an initiative designed to give locals easy access to food trucks and unite a community.

“We started Meet and Eat this summer. We were going to do it for four weeks,” said Soglin. “We didn’t expect the kind of turnout we’ve seen here on the Thursdays we’ve done it over the last several months, and it’s just one example of Madison residents coming together and just enjoying one another’s company.”

Soglin discussed an upcoming conference that will provide ideas about how to strengthen the area. The event will bring in experts who can focus on quick and easy ways to revitalize communities. The conference is scheduled at the Monona Terrace on Saturday, Oct. 13.