Madison mayor lists, answers top 10 election-related questions received by city clerk’s office

Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes Conway

MADISON, Wis. — Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway answered the 10 most popular questions the Madison Clerk’s Office has received during her weekly news conference Thursday:

Am I registered to vote?

“You can look up your voter registration by entering your name and date of birth at”

I think I missed an election, does that mean I have been removed from the poll list?

“No, it doesn’t. If someone goes four years without voting, they will be sent a post card asking if they want to remain on the poll list. If they respond, they will stay on the list. For voters who don’t respond, they may be removed from the poll list.”

What if the name on my voter ID isn’t an exact match to my name on the poll book?

“Poll workers are able to use common sense. For example, if your ID says Robert but you registered to vote as Bob, poll workers will recognize that as the same name.”

I moved to a different apartment in the same building, can my voter registration stay the same?

“No. You need to update your voter registration to reflect your new apartment number.”

I changed my name, should I update my voter registration?

“You will need to update your voter registration once you’ve updated your name at the DMV. Until you have a voter ID that reflects your new name, you may continue voting under your previous name.”

I have switched political parties; do I need to update my voter registration?

“No you don’t. Voter registration in Wisconsin is not associated with a political party.”

All of my bills are electronic, how can I provide proof address when registering to vote?

“Your proof of address can be an electronic document showing the name and address on your voter registration form. You can provide your address with an electronic utility bill, like water gas, electric, phone, cable, internet, a bank statement from your bank or credit union, your credit card of mortgage or government document, city assessor website, Madison public library account, UW website or a public high school infinite campus.”

When is the deadline to register to vote?

“You can actually register to vote at the polls on Election Day with proof of address if you want to, so nothing should keep you from voting.”

Does canceling your voter registration mean that you won’t be called for jury service?

“No. It doesn’t. So please register to vote even though you don’t want to serve on a jury. The Wisconsin courts randomly select potential jurors from a Department of Transportation list, not the voter rolls.”

I received a registration form in the mail; does that mean I’m not registered to vote?

“Not necessarily, several advocacy groups that are not associated with the clerk’s office or the election’s commission send out mass mailings about voter registration, but the mailings may be based on outdated or inaccurate data. To verify your voter registration, check, or contact the city clerk’s office at 608-266-4601 or”